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Moeskaer Compass daughter sold

Moeskaer Keepsake

Thank you to repeat customer Karsten Ostergard for purchasing two outstanding females, Moeskaer Keepsake and Moeskaer Jessica.

Moeskaer Keepsake is a daughter of World Champion Bull Moeskaer Compass. Usually we try to keep every Compass offspring we get because of the high quality that he constantly is siring. But also because his offspring are very valuable to us as there is hardly any semen left by him.

But Karsten is a long time customer and he convinced us to let this one female go.

Moeskaer Keepsake is no different than the rest of the Compass daughters. Tremendous body mass, growht, muscling and overall volume with high maternal values build in. Just the type of female we want a whole herd of.

Moeskaer Jessica is a very good young heifer sired by Moeskaer Onfire, who really has left his mark in our herd with super offspring.

Both females are in calf to Moeskaer Nitro.