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Moeskaer Hitman, Exceptional thickness

Moeskaer Hitman

Homozygous Polled, MDF, DLF, HYF, EIF, MSUDF

TH Victor 719T
CRR Catapult 109
CRR Eclipse 808
TH Stockman 475Z
BA GHMP Bailey 2D
RU BA Baileys Time 232B
Fds. vægt: 41 kg.
200 dg. vægt:383 kg.
365 dg. vægt:671 kg.
Frame score:7,5

Moeskaer Hitman has left Hereford breeders and other cattlemen speechless. They are simply blown away by his unbelievable thickness and overall mass. In 40 years of breeding Herefords we have never seen a bull like this.

The amount of muscling he carries from his rib to his loin and hindquarter is unique for a Hereford. When you stand behind him, you can not believe how deep, wide and round his hindquarter is.

When adding his high growth, tremendous lenght of body and depth of body we believe Moeskaer Hitman is as good a beef bull as we can create!

A whole book could be written about how strong his pedigree is. Both his sire and dam are proven super producers.

Moeskaer Hitman has the potential to take the Hereford breed to another level.


Conventional and sexed semen is expected to be ready for 2024 season

Please contact us for more info and for which countries his semen will be available in

This guy could make a serious contribution world wide!

David Hasson, Goldbar Livestock Hereford & Angus. One the worlds most famous cattlemen about Moeskaer Hitman