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Moeskaer Rockstar, impressive muscling

Moeskaer Rockstar


TH Stockman 475Z
TH Pioneer 358C
TH Rita 403A
Boyd Masterpiece 220
Haroldsons Mira 49B
Haroldsons Mira 62K
Fds. vægt: 43 kg.
200 dg. vægt:367 kg.
365 dg. vægt:669 kg.
Frame score:7,7

Moeskaer Rockstar is certainly a rockstar around here in the sense of almost fanatical admiration. This bull has so many qualities no matter how you look at him.

Big, dark bull with a huge amount of muscling. Deep and long and very powerful. Tremendous set of feet and legs. The list just goes on.

Rockstar is sired by TH Pioneer 358C who has become legendary because of the amount of high quality offspring sired by him. This bull has left his mark all over North America and he is the number 1 semen sire in the entire breed for growth!

There is no semen available by TH Pioneer anymore and this makes Moeskaer Rockstar even more valuable as a breeding tool.

Rockstar's dam is a power donor cow with an incredible udder and milk flow. As a calf she was crowned as Canadian National Heifer Calf Champion (Best Heifer calf in Canada). 

We are so excited and confident about Moeskaer Rockstar that we have bred all our heifers to him in 2023.


Conventional and sexed semen is expected to be ready for 2024 season

Please contact us for more info and for which countries his semen will be available in

Rockstar is an outstanding indivudual; it's easy to appreciate him for his overall capacity, heavy muscle shape and sheer power!

Dalton Payne from Greenwood Cattle Co, one of the most succesful beef cattle herds in Canada