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Moeskaer Mr Beef

Homozygous polled

FCC Maddux 4L
HF Beyond 36N
TJ Miss Fortune 67J
TH Stockman 475Z
Blair Athol GHMP Bailey 2D
RU BA Baileys Time 232B
Fds. vægt: 43 kg.
200 dg. vægt:376 kg.
365 dg. vægt:662 kg.
Frame score:7

Moeskaer Mr Beef has his name for a reason. Extreme muscling and power are very evident in this young bull. His length of body along his excellent temperament are other reasons why we are so fond of this bull.

His sire HF Beyond 36N might be our favourite canadian bull of all times. Beyond was Canadian National Grand Champion Bull as well of being the first Hereford bull to win the Supreme Canadian Champion Bull of All Breeds (Best bull in Canada of all breeds) back in 2004.

We have been using Beyond for 20 years and till this day we dont think there is any bull breeding better daughters than Beyond.

Dam of Moeskaer Mr Beef is Blair Athol Bailey 2D. A cow we purchased a few years back as a record seller in the Haroldsons Production Sale. She is an exceptional female who is breeding exceptional offspring. Moeskaer Hitman, Moeskaer Nitro, Moeskaer Inferno and list just goes on of what she already has produced.

By combining Bailey and Beyond we have created a super breeding tool in Moeskaer Mr Beef. His first calf sold to Belgium this year for quite a substancial amount of money. It is fair to say we are going to use Mr Beef heavily the coming years.