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We have added a new breed to our herd! We are now breeding both Herefords and Speckle Park cattle.

We noticed the Speckle Park breed on our trips to Canada over the years. At first their fault free structure and attractive look caught our attention.

After diving more into the assets of this breed and seeing their popularity grow, we were convinced that we had to introduce the breed to our customer base and fellow breeders.

The Speckle Park breed is especially known for

  • Easy calving, low birth weights
  • Highly fertile and high milk flow
  • Fault free structures
  • Polled breed
  • Docile cattle, quiet and kind temperament
  • Impressive weight gains off both grass and grain
  • High Marbling and perfect fat covering, off grass or grain
  • High yielding carcasses, impressive quality fine tender meat
  • Hardy and tough with dark pigmented skin
  • Attractive, easy on the eye

As with our Herefords we breed with the best genetics in the world. We have spend the last 2-3 years thoroughly analyzing which Speckle Park individuals we wanted to build our herd on.

Embryo purchase agreements were made with the owners of these superior animals and in the spring of 2024 our first Speckle Park calves were born.

At first we plan to be running a herd of approx 20 breeding females with an extensive embryo programme in addition.

We will be selling embryos, semen and live cattle from our Speckle Park herd.


For more information about our Speckles you are always welcome to contact us.