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Terminator in the pasture

Moeskær Terminator


Golden Oak Maximum
Golden Oak Fusion
NCX Miss Nellie 528N
Moeskær Salute 994
Moeskær Pearl 1386
Moeskaer Pearl 1215
Fds. vægt: 43 kg.
200 dg. vægt:369 kg.
365 dg. vægt:694 kg.
Frame score:8

Moeskaer Terminator is possibly the most complete and impressive Hereford bull we have ever bred. No matter if you look at the bull himself or his pedigree, its sensational.

Terminator is extremely powerful and impressive with his size, lenght and overall mass. He is moving very freely and fluent despite his size.

He is incredibly heavy muscled with a hindquarter and rib shape rarely seen in a Hereford.

Describing how strong Terminator's pedigree is would take a whole book. Terminator is a paternal brother to legendary Golden Oak Outcross. A bull that has been dominating the breed in North America for several years.

Dam of Terminator is one of our most prolific and powerful donor cows, Moeskaer Pearl. She is a Moeskaer Salute x Lagrand Reload cross, a true milk, growth and muscle combo. 

Terminator is adding muscling, growth , lenght, milk and overall mass. Simply a world class sire.

One of the widest and thickest Hereford bulls you will find

Extreme muscling

Moeskær Terminator is a very impressive bull from any angle. His quarter has so much width, depth and roundness rarely seen in a Hereford

No wonder he sticks out in your mind!
Awesome individual and would be a standout anywhere in the world!

David Hasson, Goldbar Livestock Herefords and Angus. One of the most respected breeders in the world for many decades

Maternal brother to Terminator

This impressive calf is sired by Moeskaer Waterloo and has same dam as Terminator. He was sold 11 months old to Jurs Herefords in Estonia