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Moeskær Topgun

Homozygous Polled, DLF, HYF, EIF, MSUDF

SHF Tahoe T100
ANL Tahoe 23B
ANL Maple 86R
BBSF Wrangler 29W
GHC Miss Unique 197Z
GHC Miss Paula 192W
5,8 63,8 106,3 22,3 54,2
Fds. vægt: 43 kg.
200 dg. vægt:361 kg.
365 dg. vægt:665 kg.
Frame score:7,6


Moeskaer Topgun has caught a lot of attention from visitors to our herd because of his growth, good muscling, depth of body, easy calving, strong maternal traits, quiet disposistion and attractive look.

Moeskaer Topgun has a very long list of diserable traits and would be an excellent choice for use on heifers.

Genetically he is very unique. His pedigree goes back to two of the most functional herds in Canada: ANL and GHC. They are two of the biggest hereford herds in Canada where only the most functional and problemfree cattle survives. Moeskaer Topgun is backed by the best bloodlines from both of these two herds. 

Moeskaer Topgun being homozygous polled is just an added bonus.

9 months old

Moeskaer Topgun

Moeskaer Topgun, pictured here 9 months old. Not long after weaning.

A very growthy, well muscled calf with tremendous maternal traits build in

High selling Bull

Full brother to Moeskaer Topgun

GHC Digital is a 12 months old full brother to Moeskaer Topgun. He was high selling bull in the Supplying the Seed Bull & Female Sale in Canada. 

He is dark coloured, big and powerful with loads of muscling. Raised on milk and grass only!