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Moeskaer Monarch


Haroldsons Upgrade 33D
Haroldsons United 36G
Haroldsons Mira 52B
JDH Victor 33Z
JDH Miss Vicki 55D
JDH Ms Boomer 20R
5,0 65,2 110,0 30,2 62,8
Fds. vægt: 43 kg.
200 dg. vægt:386 kg.
365 dg. vægt:698 kg.
Frame score:7,8

Every breeder who has seen this calf has asked if semen would be available on him. Now the semen is here!

Moeskaer Monarch is one of the most complete calves ever to be born in our herd. He is the result of a mating between two of the most impressive individuals in the breed.

His sire Haroldson's United has broken all records by winning both the Canada and USA National Grand Champion Bull title as well as winning Best of All Breeds at the USA National Show. A show with more than 10.000 cattle shown! He is the first Hereford bull to ever win this.

Monarch's dam Vicki 55D is Canadian Western National Grand Champion Female. She has dominated the shows in Canada since she was a calf. She has won the big shows as a calf, as a yearling as then as a cow. A tremendous female with all the power, body mass and muscling yet being feminine in her appearance at the same time.

Monarch himself is as stout and muscular as they come with loads of lenght and depth of body. He has so much eye appeal and moves with ease. His calves should be born easy and his daughters will have tons of milk. 

Monarch is a unique breeding tool with a very rare pedigree. He is free of all known genetic defects as well.